The newLisp IDE

What is the newLisp IDE?

The newLisp IDE is a software package designed to assist devlopers writing programs in Lisp programming languages. It is especially designed for the devloper working with newLisp, the GTK-Server, and AutoLisp. The newLisp IDE is built on top of the Eclipse IDE and is installed as an Eclipse plug-in. The newLisp IDE takes advantage of features alreasy built into the Eclipse platform, such as code refactoring, code templates, and source code syntax highlighting. The newLisp IDE project is sponsored by SurveyOS.

NewLisp IDE Features

The newLisp IDE is currenlty under development. The following features are planned for the IDE:

  • Source Code Editor:The newLisp IDE will support a source code editor for newLisp and AutoLisp code. This editor will feature Content Assist, Syntax Highlighting, Error Detection, and Code Markers.
  • External Tool Integration: The newLisp IDE will bundle the newLisp programming environment, the GTK-Server, Glade GUI Builder, and NSIS Scripting Program into one easy-to-use tool. This will allow developers to complete and test all of their newLisp/autoLisp programming from inside the newLisp IDE.
  • Lisp Function Libraries:The newLisp IDE will allow developers to dynamically insert functions from AutoLisp and NewLisp libraries directly into their code. It will provide a GUI that allows programmers to view and edit these libraries, and to create their own custom libraries.
  • GUI Programming Support:The newLisp IDE supports the construction of GUIs for newLisp with integration of the GTK-Server. It will support the editing of Glade XML files, and AutoLisp DCL files. It will allow management of GTK widgets and DCL tiles in GUI Widget Libraries. It will feature a GUI that allows editing and custmization of GTK Widgets in the libraries, and will allow the developer to design their own GUI Widget Libraries for use in the NewLisp IDE.
  • Executable Construction:The newLisp IDE will use an interactive wizard to guide support for the NSIS scripting tool. This will allow developers to easily create executables from their newLisp code, as well as Microsoft Installer Scripts for your newLsip programs.

Sister Sites

Please visit our sister sites! The SurveyOS Project is home to SurveyLisp, a set of CAD enhancements written in newLisp AutoLisp, and the GTK-Server. SurveyLisp inspired the development of the NewLisp IDE and serves as the main test-bed project for the IDE. SurveyOS also hosts the newLisp/AuotLisp function libraries and GTK Widget/DCL Tile libraries integrated into the newLisp IDE. The JUMP Pilot Project encourages the development of the open source GIS workbench JUMP, and oversees the JUMPCAD project at the SurveyOS.