Help Wanted!

The newLisp IDE Project is currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

General Assistance

  • Web Site Administration
  • CVS Administration
  • Documentation
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Fundraising


  • Java Code Jockies
  • Land Surveying and GIS Professionals
  • Software Testing and Quality Control

Contact the newLisp IDE Project to volunteer!

If you are interested in volunteering in one of these areas please send us an e-mail at and let us know.

Would you like to learn Java or Lisp? Join our project. We can show you how to get started, provide an opportunity to work with code in a real project, and answer your questions. Let us know your interested! Send an e-mail

Are you looking for recognition or confirmation of your volunteer experience at the SurveyOS? Just let us know. We appreciate your efforts and we can help!